Current Obsession : Bread Making


(Image of my homemade bread lightly buttered and toasted with parmesan and basil sprinkled on top)

In my world, a meal is not a meal if it doesn't involve carbs; it's merely a snack. I grew up eating rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you can understand why eating a salad wouldn't satisfy me. 

All carbs are wonderful, but if I had to pick my least favourite, it would be bread. I love sweet breads or anything dessert-y, but more specifically... how do you say?... 'Wholemeal breads'. You know the loafs you get from supermarkets for $3.99 and you don't really know where it was baked or when.

They taste so dry and blend on their own unless you toast them with heaps of butter and fillings.

So, I decided to give it a go at baking my own bread (ironically, after the lockdown finished). And let me tell you, it is life changing! It's so simple and taste like artisan made bread you get from bougie bakeries. 

All it takes is flour, yeast, salt and water! It's so fun to watch it rise and maybe it's the ceramicist in me but, I love the feeling of squishy dough texture. It reminds me of a chubby baby's cheeks. 

I'm not a bread connoisseur by all means and very very new at baking anything, but here are my favourite recipes if you wanna try it yourself!


  • Traditional White Bread


  • Leek, Ricotta and Honey Focaccia