Yesterday went pass like any other week day, I didn't even realise it was a friday night until we were ready to go bed after 5 hours of binging netflix.

There's a sense in me once I've turned 30 to shift my energy into building myself up rather than focusing so much on socialising. Still, I work from home alone and the weekends are the only time I go out of the house or talk to anyone who's not my husband or Lola (my fur baby aka cat). 

I've given myself a goal of throwing 20 mugs today which means I'll most likely spend all day trimming them tomorrow. Which also means, I probably wouldn't have left the house for 2 week other than a brief weekly grocery shopping.

This is usually my ideal working situation, but after years of WFH (I wast WFH before Covid), I find myself become more and more reclusive and intimidated to meet new people. Sometimes, I feel like I'm missing out on opportunities that comes with interacting with people.

It's funny because at the same time, I'm interacting with more people than ever through social media while I haven't had face to face contact with anyone outside of the household for most of the week.

Anyway, that's my rambling of the day done. I was supposed to edit a document for a husband and got sidetracked as usual...

Fingers crossed, I'll meet my goal of throwing 20 mugs today.